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Your end-to-end VIP journey.

Discover multi-dimensional event management on a single platform.

Everything you need right at your fingertips.

Be the host with the most.

One platform.
Every event.

Whether you’re planning a small executive gathering or the event of the century, Bl:nk™ manages all the moving parts—from individualized travel plans and itineraries to event-wide updates—in one central hub.

One platform. Every event.

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With all event information organized in one place, you can manage global conferences and competitions with greater efficiency and transparency, while guests stay informed and updated every step of the way.
Flexible accommodations.


With Bl:nk™, you’re able to create, manage, and execute any event with an organized, efficient platform that evolves as you do—and as your guests’ needs inevitably change. This is only the beginning.

Less stress
at every step.

Your high-end guests deserve a stress-free experience from point A to B—or C or D. That’s why the guest app integrates directly with world-class hotels, driver apps, and explore & discover pages to simplify every part of their journey.

Less stress at every step.

Stay organized
on the move.

Bl:nk ties together all the moving parts of your premier event in one central hub, complete with an accompanying management app. Equipped with easy dashboard access on the go, leaders can manage the needs and requests of every guest without missing a beat.

Keep your guests
on track.

Coordinating between hundreds of drivers and guests is no small feat. With the built-in Bl:nk transportation app, drivers can easily view trips assigned to them, with details about all stops along the way—as well as the guests on the ride.

Heard around the world.

From major conferences and NBA events to prestigious international competitions, clients everywhere trust Bl:nk to deliver elite event management—now and in the future.

The very best. For every guest.

Bl:nk is like a virtual executive assistant, providing your VIPs with a seamless event experience—and you with the oversight to make it all run smoothly:

Keep raising the bar.

Bl:nk has experience servicing 1000+ VIP guests—and that’s only the beginning of what’s possible.

Airport-to-hotel transfer
GPS tracking integrated
with our VIP app
Driver contact Info
Guest Registration
Primary account manager
24/7 live support
Airport-to-hotel transfer
Guest Registration
GPS tracking integrated with our VIP app
Primary account manager
Driver contact Info
24/7 live support

Elevate your next event.
Organize it with Blink.